Why Metal Roofing is superior and better choice in today’s market.

Most homeowners want a roof that is reasonably priced, requires no maintenance, and lasts forever. Unfortunately, today’s traditional and most common roofing materials in Canada are replaced every eight to twelve years, it’s like renting not owning your roof.

“If there is la leak in the basement and waterproofing to remedy it costs tens of thousands of $$$$ and procedure is “good for and will last only 8 to 10 years”, would anyone go for that? “NOPE”. Yet sadly the asphalt/composite shingles industry is still getting away with selling the “inferior/ temporary product“.

By choosing steel for your homes roofing material, you can eliminate the cost of replacement in ten years’ time. Metal roofing is “FOREVER” and in the long run it is superior to all other roofing systems! Truly ecofriendly & sustainable choice, reducing landfill waste, creating less demand on our precious natural resources, and reducing strain on the environment.

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