How steel roofing compares to other roofing products

Asphalt/Composition shingles are easy to install but do not have the looks and appeal of metal roofing. They commonly blow off in strong winds and begin to show wear and tear within 6-12 years on average. Shingles have failed miserably since 1998. The reason being is the mandate to remove asbestos from the manufacturing process. Pre -1998 asphalt shingles had a cloth base. Today they have a thin fiberglass mat that does not withstand the test of time, especially here in our extreme climate conditions. After their short life span, Asphalt/Composition shingles are not recyclable, filling up our landfills thus not an ecofriendly roofing choice.

Cedar Wood shakes are natural with good looks and the variation in color ads a lot of character. However, cedar wood shake roofs are often associated with, and demand ongoing maintenance and repair. Failure to do so results in a shorter lifespan.  Generally, they will not last half as long as metal roofing products. Insects, toxic mold, rot can occur and can be a problem, as well. They are known as being flammable and not meeting fire safety codes, resulting sometimes in higher insurance premiums. A prorated lifecycle cost of shake tile roofs is higher than most other systems; they are not sustainable product as old shakes can’t be recycled.

Slate tiles are an expensive choice considering that they are natural slivers of rock, roofing material that commonly seen on upscale properties and older century homes. Slate tiles offer very natural look, they can be laid out in a variety ways and patterns. They offer long life span, are non-combustible, resistant to insect and low or no maintenance.
They can be, although rarely, breakable when walked over when doing roof top maintenance, such as painting, cleaning gutters etc. Due to their very heavy weight, installing them requires expensive extra roof trusses  support, making them extremely unsuitable for reroofing projects.

Concrete Tile – is fiber-reinforced cement products sometimes impregnated/coated with compounds that makes them waterproof and resistant to water absorption. This phenomenon was common to early type of this product, resulting in short life span due to crumbling from effects of freeze and thaw cycles and extreme weather. Overall it has a good looks and close appearance to real clay tile. The product itself is not recyclable but offer good protection from fire and pests and is very durable. Again, as with the natural slate products, their weight is a deterrent when considered for reroofing projects.  After their lifespan, their removal is cumbersome and expensive task, making it a poor choice comparing to benefits of the 100% recyclable and ecofriendly, twice the lifespan metal roofing.  

All metal roofing is good and preferred product in comparisons to the choices above, but not all metal roofing is the same. Our roofing sheets are roll formed into panels, roll forming is a gentle process that is superior to stamping/pressing the steel into shape as outlined below.   

Stone coated interlocking panels are better than asphalt shingles in terms of longevity, but not necessary a good choice. After time the stone granules tend to separate from substrate due to the elements, ice and snow abrasion resulting in a zebra look effect, (see photo) not to mention the stone granules clogging your gutters, downpipes and impeding the  normal storm water runoff to the sewer system. 

Stamped/interlocking metal and aluminum systems, mimicking the cedar shake or slate look are stamped and/or double stamped product. This not only stretches the gauge of the steel material but also damages the color coating. Every coating manufacturer specifically states that stamping or stretching the coating automatically voids the warranty. Any manufacturer or any dealer who is providing you with a coating warranty is doing so under their own name and not under a steel substrate manufacturer’s coating warranty. 


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