Underlayment -Membrane

Underlayment protects the plywood  or old shingles from any condensation which may occur on the back of the metal roofing


Self-tapping galvanized steel fasteners 4.8 x 25 made, with a reduced drilling point, wood thread, and a stainless washer with vulcanized EPDM.

Exhaust vent

Exhaust vent for termination of bathroom and kitchen vents. Designed to use with 3” or 4” ducts.
Simple installation over your metal roof. The vents feature a built-in backdraft flap to stop
unwanted cold air intrusion and a built-in wire mesh that prevents pests from entering the duct.

Roof  boots

Roof boot is made from EPDM material, designed to fit over your roof pipes and provide
weathering against the elements. The roof boot can be cut to exact size to fit perfectly
around the pipe.

Hydro boot

Hydro boot is made from EPDM material. The hydro boot can be separated and installed
around hydro poles, antenna poles etc.… where the roof boot cannot be installed by sliding
it over the pole. Hydro boot protects from water intrusion and weathering against the



Metal roofing sealant, specially designed for use with metal roofs. Adheres to most surfaces.
Used for sealing up any gaps between roof components. Sealing roof boots, hydro boots, and
exhaust vents.

Expandable tape

Used for sealing any shaped gap in metal roofing panels or flashings(valleys…)  UV-stable design maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction.  It is able to hold the exterior out and the interior in while allowing vapors to move through. A hermetic seal allows the absorption of moisture and when conditions permit, the slow release of moisture through evaporation.


Flex-O-Vent specially formulated polyester venting material, designed to be installed under
the ridgecap. Flex-O-Vent prevents moister absorption into the attic as well as it helps to
keep out debris and pests while providing cooling airflow. It does not absorb moisture
which can freeze and block off all ventilation. Easy one-person installation


SPF 1×3 and 1×2 strapping provide a base for your metal roof installation by installing into existing roof rafters.



End cap

End cap is a stamped metal profile made from the same material as the roof and flashing are used for closing and terminating a ridge cap.