Stellar Roll Form division is a custom roll former based in Bowmanville Canada.

 We are providing custom roll forming services & can facilitate client’s steel coils into 5 different styles of metal roofing and cladding. The residential, commercial, and agricultural applications can be private labeled with customer’s company logo and name.

The laser etching on the reverse side will add authenticity and brand recognition to your company. 

 Our focus is on quality and service providing perfect roofing panels, wall cladding and interior wall panels to the roofing companies, dealers, retailers, export market etc.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility featuring 5 roll forming lines, which are manufactured and supplied by BUD-MASZ – Europe, industry leader in production of roll forming equipment.

We can form steel from 0.45 to 0.50 mm in thickness, using machinery with extremely tight tolerances and the ability to switch seamlessly from metric to imperial dimensions ensuring quality products.  

Our in-house expertise will support customers needs, there is no need to own your own roll forming machinery in order to have your own line of metal roofing products.

We are here for you and can produce it for you at a very competitive price.


Quality control

Premium equipment, quality materials, and many years of experience with a focus on precision have given us a reputation for producing premium quality metal roofing products.


Just in time production and delivery

Understanding the needs of customers and working in partnership with our clients is something that can save $$$ for the company.

Keeping inventory on the floor at a minimum will result in ease of managing inventory, cutting costs, and minimizing waste.



For any inquiries or questions please call: 905-623 0007

or email and one of our client specialists will contact you.

Custom Roll Forming
Custom Roll Forming