Our flashings and trims are all custom bent on a computerized RAS XL Center bender – folder machine. German made, machine produces accurate angles, resulting all pieces are the same and fit precisely together.

This ensures good fit, and unsurpassed water tightness that will make any metal roof, totally leak proof.
Unlike, hand bent trims & flashings done by manual press – hand brakes that are not uniform in size and fit poorly together and will allow possible moisture or water intrusion.

The use of high-quality trims & flashings will make the process of installation easier and extend the lifetime of metal roof. The choice of the metal roofing trims, or any roof accessories should be approach with that in mind… We offer a wide range of components and additional elements, including, flat roof trims, roof slope – transition flashing etc.

All metal roofing trims, flashing & accessories are made of the same gauge of steel as our metal tiles.

We provide all flashings and trims

to general contractors, roofers, masons and DIY projects. Special pricing is available for larger quantities.