Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) equals Cool Roof

Four Seasons Metal Roofing specializes in the design and installation of energy efficient steel roofing systems, mitigating “Cool Roof” achieved with Above Sheathing Ventilation. High quality roofs warranted for life pay for themselves in energy savings  during its long life span. Installing metal roof on your home with ‘Above Sheathing Ventilation’ can save you up to 25% in Summer Cooling Energy Costs and 5%-10% in Winter Heating Energy costs compared to a regular composite asphalt shingle roof w/o ASV.

To control temperature & moisture in your attic its important to have proper attic ventilation, which helps keep cooling costs down during hot spells or summer season in general. Heat buildup in the attic can top 150degres When SUMMER temperature reaches into the 90s.

Excess moisture emanating from your home usually rises into the attic, gets trapped and permeates insulation thus losing its insulation value, encouraging mold spores’ growth. Health problems can occur due to poor Indoor air quality. Metal roofing with ASV method increases, corrects ventilating, keeping your attic dry and cool.

ASV is achieved with metal roof installation that forms an air space between metal roofing panel and the deck. Combinations of our steel roofing panels sun/heat reflection properties and our installation method, achieves an air way beneath the roofing, thus expelling hot air to the exterior, thus ensuring proper attic ventilation.

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