Metal Roofing is the ultimate choice in roofing

Metal Roofing is the ultimate choice in roofing providing years of striking beauty, unsurpassed
durability, longevity and homeowner value with nearly four decades of expertise in the metal roofing
industry. We, at FSM, pride ourselves in providing the absolute, “best in class”, industry value. Our
quality materials, manufacturing expertise and installation craftsmanships sets us apart from our

Our roofing and cladding systems are sustainable and eco-friendly, not adding to Ontario landfills,
making metal roofing a responsible and sound consumer choice.

Our metal roofing system will be your last roof… we guarantee you will never need to reroof, ever again.
Typically, metal roofs last a lifetime. Whereas today’s asphalt shingles (fiberglass laminates), begin to
show wear and tear within 6-12 years on average. This is not sustainable and is unacceptable for your
home in today’s environment. Asphalt shingles are the worst expense possible because you own your
home but you end up renting your roof.

Metal roofing will provide the best value for your home long term, not only will it add value today, but
you will recoup your investment by the second time you need to reshingle.

We provide the thickest gage metal in the industry for all our metal roofing profiles. This guarantees
you the highest quality and integrity within each profile. Our roll form process ensures that every single
angle, every single bend maintains its 25 gage thickness. This also guarantees the coating has also not
been stretched which increases the integrity of the profile as a whole.

When compared to an interlocking system, these panels are stamped and double stamped, this not only
stretches the gage of the material but also damages the coating. Every coating manufacturer specifically
states that stamping or stretching the coating automatically voids the warranty. Any manufacturer or
any dealer who is providing you with a coating warranty is doing so under their own name and not
under the coating manufacturer’s brand. In essence, they are taking the risk.
We buy steel from Europe: Sweden, Italy Germany as well as Canada and we guarantee that all our
profiles are 100% – 25-gauge steel. This guarantee provides you the highest standard in steel for any
type of roofing, cladding or siding on the market.

Many of our competitors buy their steel from the lowest cost producer, although the steel may be
galvanized and zinc coated, noting compares to the quality that is assured by Four Seasons Metal
Roofing standards. We are guaranteeing you get the best steel. Being consistent with our product and
our quality is not only paramount to us, but it should be to you, as well when investing in metal roof.
Today’s high grade steel roofing products are long lasting, beautiful and cost effective. With superior
energy efficiency and superior environmental benefits, there is no surprise that architects, owners,
home builders across North America have, over the last 5 years, more than doubled the use of metal
roofing. This is no surprise as shingles have failed miserably since 1998. The reason being is the
mandate to remove asbestos from the asphalt shingle manufacturing process. Pre 1998 asphalt shingles

had a cloth base. Today they have a thin fiberglass mat that does not withstand the test of time,
especially here in our extreme climate conditions.

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