No More Dammed Ice Dams!

When warm spells and mild winters occur and load of snow sitting the house, over an attic that is not sufficiently vented, air sealed, and/or insulated, ice dams will form! The
melting is caused by heat escaping from your house which triggers warming the bottom of your roof deck. Thus, staring a cycle of freeze and thaw of accumulated snow on your
roof. Melting water dripping will go to the gutters, freeze expand and create huge icicles

Proper attic air sealing, venting, and insulation can alleviate this situation. Many older homes are prone to allowing the warm air through to the roof deck because of insufficient attic insulation.
Metal roofing is installed over the existing roof without tearing asphalt shingles off. With vertical and horizontal wood strapping, there will typically be an air pocket between the old and the new roof. Our profiles are installed in a way to provide that air gap so the cold air can travel through and keep the roof cold throughout the winter. A “cold roof” means no melting snow and no ice dams.

Energy Efficient
Energy saving$$$, are achieved through the air circulation trough air gap between the old and the new metal roof. Especially in the summer, this really helps with lowering the energy bills. Roofs absorb the sun’s heat; houses with poor attic insulation will result in overheated attic resulting in higher air conditioning cost. Installing lighter colors will also help reflecting more heat resulting in cooler attic.

Hail Resistance – What the Hail?
Roofing materials are commonly rated from Class 1 to Class 4 (4 being the most resistant to hail). It’s a fact that stronger metal roofing will withstand the impact of hail much better than asphalt shingles.

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