The Rise of Metal Roofing

Sleek appearance, long-lasting, lightweight, resistant to fire and hail, metal makes for an ideal roof.

Endless choices: Metal roofing is available in many styles, from modular panels that can resemble Mediterranean clay tiles, to more traditional profiles like standing seam or to modern chiseled look of modular panels.

Synopsis: Metal roofing is growing ever more popular due to a widening range of styles available and its longevity and durability. The different options for steel-metal roofing, from materials to installation process makes it versatile option from new construction and to re-roofing. 

Whether long, or modular panels, standing-seam or through-fastened panels, metal roofing product are highly coveted by today’s educated & savvy consumers.

Metal roofing: has a long history in in North America, but until 20 years ago it was mostly fringe player in residential construction and reroofing, with les than 5% share of the market. That number has roughly quadrupled since then, according to the latest industry data.

What happened? Metal roofing is now available in a range of styles, colors, the cost of metal roofing has become very competitive in relation to other applications such us asphalt shingles, Slate tiles, Cedar shakes etc.

Nowadays paint coatings are more sophisticated and durable, giving metal roofing a long service life, homeowners prefer metal roofing that comes with a variety of aesthetic appearances. In process of making substrate for metal roofing, bare steel is coated with an alloy of zinc (commonly referred to as an Zn alloy) when coated with zinc and aluminum coating it is referred as ALU- ZN alloy. That and multi layer paint coating treatment ensures the product will never rust and is extremely suitable for harsh weather conditions in Canada.

Acceptance: today roofing industry is working harder to win over consumers who once thought that metal roofing was too hot, too heavy, noisy, or prone to rust, as those myths are long gone. 

Today’s sophisticated consumers with ever rising home prices, prefer to reroof with product that has permanence to it. No longer is acceptable that, the roof should only last 8 to 10 years on average, that ends in a landfill, eco conscious consumers today are looking for sustainable roofing product. 

The verdict: affordable metal roofing of today has overcome the sticker shock, as metal roof in the past was two or three times the initial cost of asphalt shingles, recently that has narrowed to merely double the cost of asphalt shingles

But considering its lifetime warranty, longevity, eco friendliness, recyclability, high fire resistance, and virtually no maintenance, steel roofing has increased its acceptance and is today roofing of choice.

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