modular stellar roofing panels


metal roofing base colours
Total Width1215mm (47.83in)
Effective Width1150mm (45.27in)
Total Length347mm (13.6in)
Minimum Length75.50cm (29.7in)
MaterialsZinc coating [g / m²] – min. 275
FinishesMatte/Crinkle Look

stellar metal roofing panel profile

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Stellar Tile, modular steel roof panels is an innovative and unique new metal roofing product. The tiles are made of premium G90 steel, with matt crinkle look color coating with strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
The contours on the Stellar tile stands out with its artful embossed 5 lower waves and 6 crests, truly unique design.
Shaped and resembling like the European Clay tiles, yet still combining traditional with modern appearance.
Metal tiles are one of the smartest long term solutions in residential and commercial market. Its increasing popularity with architect and homeowners, both in new build and re-roofing is owed to the fact that it distinguishes itself by being 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly& sustainable roofing product!