metal roofing base colours
Total Width1215mm (47.83in)
Effective Width1150mm (45.27in)
Total Length347mm (13.6in)
Minimum Length75.50cm (29.7in)
MaterialsZinc coating [g / m²] – min. 275
FinishesMatte/Crinkle Look

decora metal roofing panel profile

  • Easy and user-friendly
  • Automate your manual tasks
  • Optimize all your efforts

Modern methods of construction or renovation of homes & buildings together with modern architectural trends require roofing system with modern features that visually complement the appearance of the building while providing exceptional lifespan with no maintenance.

Because of its dense profile and special manufacturing techniques Decora tile is extremely strong, suitable for both new construction and reroofing projects. Attractive & elegant appearance combined with top quality make it top choice with architects, contractors and homeowners alike.

Decora modular steel tile has all those attributes and more.