metal roofing base colours
Total Width119cm (46.85in)
Effective Width110cm (43.4in)
Standard Tile Length35cm (13.8in)
Rise/Step17mm (0.67in)
Minimum Length40cm (15.75in)
Maximum LengthLimited with Delivery

  • Lightweight, Grande tile roof was designed to perfectly adhere to building structure and minimize the amount of waste in the installation process
  • The striking beauty of this profile makes the most widely used type of metal roofing, especially in residential buildings.
  • Aesthetically pleasing products made from zinc-plated (Z275) G90 steel that will increase the value of your home and protect it for decades to come.

Four Season’s Grande metal roof system is a subtle change from shingles but adds greater value to your property. Grande is similar to a clay tile roofs found in the Mediterranean. Once you have your metal roof installed, you will never worry about maintenance of your roof again. With a 55 year warranty and a variety of colours to suit any project, Four Seasons can promise a seal proof roofing system like no other.

A shingle roof can wear out in 8-12 years when exposed to severe weather like we experience in Toronto. In contrast, metal roofing stands up exceptionally well to weather extremes. It’s a safe bet that a newly installed metal roof will last a life time. All of our roofing systems provide an authentic look without maintenance and at a reasonable cost. Our metal roofs are designed to provide lasting functionality for your home or commercial building.

If you would like to learn more about installing a metal roof on a new building or replacing your current roof with a metal roofing system, contact Four Seasons Metal Roofing today!

Four Seasons Metal Roofing systems are produced east of Toronto with Quality European metal.  An advantage of a Four Seasons Metal roof is the metal coils have a thick layer of zinc coating (275g/m2) on both sides of your roofing or cladding. This extra thick zinc coating protects the steel core from corrosion, especially when scratched or cut. The core thickness of the steel is min 0.55 mm- 25 gauge, the thickest in the industry. Metal roofing has become extremely popular due to its naturally attractive appearance and its ability to self repair and avoid corrosion. Our European metal is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Visit our facility to see all of the options available for your metal project.

Our Grande (Mediteranian look) profile gives the roof an elegant appearance. The artistic shape reflects a single-bulge tile tradition with a wave profile somewhat reminiscent of Mediterranean clay tile look. Produced from world-class SSAB Swedish steel, Grande is beautifully roll formed/ pressed into roofing panels designed to protect and decorate your home! Grande is suitable for every type of installation from house, cottage, churches, motels and other commercial dwelling. Form and function are seldom melded in a way that’s matched to rival the Grande metal roofing profile. It’s built to withstand extreme weather, resulting in roofing system that reaches new heights in performance all the while providing striking beauty to your home.