Our company is one of the fastest growing and most significant, innovative and comprehensive suppliers in the custom metal panel & flashing industry in Toronto. We understand how critical it is for businesses to have a roof or siding that maintains a dry, attractive, and functional building. If you own a business and are looking for a long-lasting roofing or siding option, which will add value to your property, a Four Seasons custom metal solution is perfect for you!

We plan each custom roof and siding project from start to finish. With proper planning, the best 25.5 gauge European metal, and superior production processes, we are able to deliver roll formed products dependably and at a very competitive price point.

Moreover, building owners must consider a variety of factors in selecting the right roofing and siding materials: life cycle cost, maintenance and repair costs, durability/longevity, resale value, eco-friendly materials and other concerns. When all of these factors are considered, metal roofing and siding is an obviously superior solution. We manufacture all of our roofing and siding products in our facility in east Toronto and offer a 55-year warranty on the workmanship of our installers.

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Four Seasons Metal Roofing can provide you with a quality product and professional installation at a competitive price. Give us a call, send us an email, or come visit us at our showroom in Bowmanville. Our representatives are available to help ensure you get the quality metal roofing you are looking for.

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    Lifetime Warranty
    Our steel roofs are designed for demanding Canadian climate and withstand years and years of fluctuating conditions, from spring rains, summer heat to ice-cold winter. All our steel roofing materials come with the automatic manufacturer guaranty and our comprehensive ``Iron Clad`` lifetime, limited non-prorated transferable warranty.
    Canadian Made
    The Four Seasons Metal Roofing manufacturing facility in Bowmanville, Ontario is the central station for all of our metal products' production. We are proud to be a Canadian company, making Canadian products.
    Eco Friendly Roofing
    Metal roofs will last a long time. Every 10 years shingles are thrown away, but a metal roof that will last over 50 years, can then be recycled, making it a highly sustainable product. Our roof's are energy efficient; reducing your heating and cooling bills by one-third.
    Low Rate Financing
    We provide low rate financing on all metal product projects. Our representatives will work with you to make sure financing is a hassle free process.